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      Agricultural Manufacturing
      Lu Shyong Machinery
      Since 1980

      Professional pumps and machines made with high quality materials.

      With 40 years of experience, Lu Shyong is your reliable partner choice.






      Best Selling Products!!

      Upgrade your farming by choosing the best machines.

      LS-30CD Power Sprayer

      LS-160YT Power Sprayer

      LS-725Z Power Sprayer

      LS-588 Water Pump

      LS-730 Water Pump

      LS-30C Water Pump

      High Pressure Cleaner

      LS-725M Power Sprayer

      Hose & Spray Gun

      Our Contact Details

      Lu Shyong Machinery

      Sales Executive

      Siseal He

      Lillian Chen

      What We Cares For

      Professional pumps and machines made with high quality materials.

      Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
      Lu Shyong all over the world!!

      Eima Agrimach INDIA 2019

      The exhibition is hosted by the Italian Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee, and is the best agricultural and garden machinery exhibition in Southeast Asia.

      SAHARA 2018

      SAHARA 2018 is set to be one of the biggest, most internationally attended agriculture event in the Arab world – A globally renowned showcase of agricultural technology.

      World Expo
      SHANGHAI 2010

      Co-built by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Bureau of International Exhibitions, a international academic exchange center with world’s designs of technology and other different fields.

      Where you’ll get the perfect solution for your agricultural needs!

      About Us

      40 Long Years Of Manufacturing
      Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

                                                                        As the pioneer of three-cylinder plunger pump industry,                                                          Lu Shyong has been working tirelessly on optimizing and developing products.

      It has won the honors of provincial and municipal high-tech enterprise as well as municipal outstanding enterprise, having 42 patents, 82 trademarks, passing ISO 9000 certification, national industrial production license, 3C certification and CE certification as well as other international standard certification.

      What We Offer

      Lu Shyong has only one brand since its establishment. It has developed into five branches such as Lu Shyong, Whale Best, Super Best , Elephant, and Tinkerbell. These brands and products are lead by high-efficiency leaders in the domestic and foreign markets.

      As a supplier to top level OEM’s for agricultural pump, sprayer, high pressure pump, high pressure cleaner, Lu Shyong company remains the first choice when quality matters.

      Need Help? We Are Experts!

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