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      Professional pumps and machines made with high quality materials.

      Lu Shyong company has established a nationwide and highly efficient marketing network. It has more than 1200 stores in the country of cooperation with distributors. What we stand for is “Satisfy Customer’s Requirements and Exceeding Customer’s Expectations!!

      Lu Shyong has only one brand since its establishment. It has developed into five branches such as Lu Shyong, Whale Best, Super Best , Elephant, and Tinkerbell. These brands and products are lead by high-efficiency leaders in the domestic and foreign markets.

      Check Out Our Categories

      Professional pumps and machines made with high quality materials.

      Pump forged with HPb62 copper, ADC12 aluminum crank case, high power, support longer distance

      Plunger pump, pure copper part build in one piece, ceramic plunger set prevent corrosion and reduce friction

      Directly connect to engine, no pulley needed, piston pin, oil free, low friction, easier to exchange

      Gasoline engine, sprayer pump, irrigation or pest control, high power, small size

      High strength, stabilized air chamber, nodular cast iron pump, high pressure resistance

      Electric car washer, made with alloy aluminum and ceramic plunger

      Portable knapsack, sterilization thermal fogging sprayer, made with stainless steel

      Smoke dust water cold air fogging atomizing mist sprayer, easy carry, use in large area

      Electrostatic sprayer, stronger adsorption, easy use easy carry, lithium battery, large tank

      Taiwan high quality, cutting scissors, pruner, handsaw

      variety of spray guns in different length and head type, high pressure water hose and hose reel

      Featured Products

      Grease free 60L gasoline power sprayer pump

      LS-548/ 548C

      Agricultural power HTP 22 sprayer pump machine

      TB-22/ 22C

      Triplex plunger 3 piston water pump

      LS-736/ 736P/ 736T

      High pressure car washer cleaning machine pump


      160L power sprayer pest control sprayer on wheels


      Backpack pesticide battery powered sprayer

      Electrostatic Sprayer

      Japan zenoah gasoline engine knapsack sprayer


      Portable disinfection thermal fogging machine


      Taiwan quality high pressure car cleaner


      Industrial portable petrol high pressure water jet


      Agricultural pesticide sprayer machine


      Smoke dust water cold fogging atomizing mist sprayer


      Machinery Helpers!!

           Match your powerful machines with our handy accessories.

      Black Cover Spray Gun

      Spray Rod

      3ft. Spray Gun

      Short Spray Gun

      Leave Cutter

      GP-6975 Handsaw

      Pruning Scissors

      Tinker Bell
      High Pressure
      Water Hose